opie tshirt
Aw, dude, you missed such a great episode last night. You won’t believe what happened. I won’t give much away, I know you’re just starting to get into the show. What season are you on? 3? Aw, dude; such a good season. Which episode? Hey, you like my t-shirt? I got it at Wal Mart. They got lots of badass t- shirts at Wal Mart.

You should get some cool Sons of Anarchy stuff now that you’re into the show. Because really, what’s the point of enjoying a television show if you can’t advertise it to everyone you come across, right? So, who is your favorite character? You like Opie? Opie is pretty cool, right? He’s pretty gnarly, right? Yeah, he got his name because of his addiction to opiates, but you probably know that. I bet you wonder what happens to him. But I won’t tell you.

Even though I could totally ruin the show for you with just a simple sentence. Does he die? Does he live? I won’t tell. I won’t ruin the unspoken code that is understood when you say something like, “Don’t tell me what happens, I just got into the show.” We have an understanding, you and I. Yo, if you want, you can borrow my Sons of Anarchy wristwatch or a SAMCRO hat or belt buckle or a coffee mug that has the handle like a gun! Dude, isn’t that sweet? It’s like you’re drinking your herbal tea right from the barrel of a fucking glock!soa mug

You just know the actors on that show have their whole house decorated in SoA stuff, like the lamp that looks like an uzi. Dude, if I was an actor on that show, I would totally live the part. Yo, let me know when you get to the part where Jax dies in prison. You totally won’t see it coming; then we can talk about how it came out of nowhere, alright? Cool, man. Talk to you later!