US Outpost, ANTARCTICA— Tucked away inside a locked toolshed, Wilford Brimley has expressed a calm desire to go back inside with the others of the camp.

Wilford’s cause for isolation stems from a more than slightly disruptive ruckus he caused while taking an axe to the helicopter and radio room. “He was shouting hysterically,” recalls Clark. “He tore up the radio room just after he killed the last of my dogs.”

It’s true. Wilford took an axe to the final Huskie that Clark had brought with him to the Arctic before destroying all viable means of communication and transportation with and to the civilized world.  “I don’t know what the hell he was yelling about.”

Team member Windows huddled in the corner helplessly while Wilford went to town on the radio controls and was shouting such nonsensical musings as, “Nobody gets out of here! Nobody! You think I’m crazy! That’s fine! Most of you don’t know what’s going on around here!” What really confused the group was when he said, “If the cell gets out, it could imitate everything on the face of the Earth!”

Brimley has been locked in the toolshed ever since.

And now he has changed his tune. “I don’t wanna stay out here anymore,” he told R.J. MacReady, who was inquiring about Fuchs, a missing member of the team. “…I hear funny things out here. I’m not gonna harm anybody. There’s nothing wrong with me. I’d like to come back inside.”

MacReady, a rather uninspired, disinterested leader, is reluctant to let Brimley back inside. He told Wilford, “Trust is a hard thing to come by these days. Just trust in the Lord.”

In actuality, MacReady was not too eager to take on the responsibility of Wilford Brimley and would much rather just get back to his shack and get drunk.

Before his makeshift incarceration, Brimley also fired a couple of gunshots at Childs. Childs was not injured.