As the search for the two missing Florida teenagers now goes into its third week, it has become more and more obvious that volunteer searcher, Travis Holden, 19, is just dicking around in the reeds for most of the day.

“Any bit of help we can get, we appreciate,” said Tonya Gable, a search organizer for the missing teens. “Now that the coast guard is no longer searching, it’s up to volunteers to help find the boys.”

Holden’s “volunteer” services come at the behest of his mother, Cynthia, who promised him he could have the minivan for the evening if he spent the late morning and afternoon helping with the search for the missing teens.

In the past few days, the search has included small inlets off the coast, natural collection areas as it were, in the hopes that more items could be recovered. This is where Travis found a natural cover amongst the reeds so he could dick off on his cell phone and make plans with friends for later in the evening.

According to Travis’s Facebook posts, he is planning on going Bowling with friends after the search, maybe see Suicide Squad again, he’s not too sure, depending on when he, “gets out of here.”

“I know he thinks he’s being clever,” said fellow searcher Paul Schrader, 37. “But it really doesn’t take that long to cover such a small area.”

“He’s totally just screwing off until dark,” said Tonya Gable. “I doubt he will stick around for the candlelight vigil.”

As dusk approached, Travis could be seen emerging from the reeds with his earbuds attached to his ears. He approached his mother and reportedly said, “No sign of them,” as he slowly reached his hand out for the car keys.


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