10 worst things said by pediatricians

 1. So you’re mom’s single right?

2. President or an astronaut, huh? Timmy, let me tell you about a little something called reality.

3. Your daughter has developed beautifully. Oh, my apologies, that’s your son.

4. Look kid, I’m not saying that you’re gonna die right away. I just think Disney World next month might be tall order.

5. Did I give you the 5mg dosage or the 10mg dosage? I can never remember these things.

6. I hate it when you lose a kid on the job. Seriously, I have no clue where this fucking kid is.

7. What are you, the police? I can drink all I wanna to. It’s my office. I don’t come down to your work and tell you how to build your blocks.

8. I have a closet for little children who won’t stop crying.

9. Hey kid, wanna see a dead body?

10. Mr. and Mrs. Flanger? I don’t know how to tell you this but your son Billy is dead… got ya! Haha, you should have seen the look on your faces, just priceless. What’s that? You’re the Hendersons? Oh, your son actually is dead. Terribly sorry for your loss.