Vondrook discovers the top ten iPhone Apps you should be buying


1) iNeed$–Think you can’t afford an iphone app? For just $39.99, you can download this application that will give you ideas on how you can afford to pay for the iNeed$ app.

2) iMencia Steals other applications and takes them as its own. Also known as the iSuck.

3) iParent—For Moms and Dads on the go. Download this application and it will raise your children for you! It plays television shows, orders Taco Bell, and yells at your kids’ teachers when their grades slip.

4) iCelebrity—Get the latest updates on celebrity news and gossip. Be the first in your group to know who is dating who, how much money they’re making, and how they’re living their lives. Do it all as your life is not lived.

5) iLonely—For women. A nighttime application that simulates a man snoring through the night.  iVagina for men sold separately.

6) iPhone Phone App—This ingenious program actually allows you to press a certain 10 digits that will then allow you to speak to another human being nearly anywhere in the world!

7) iPhone App App—Application that allows you to use the buzz word “app” while downloading other apps. Ya can’t use the word “app” until you download this “app!”

8) iWhistle—A musical app that allows you to whistle into your iPhone that creates a whistle noise, like it’s coming out of your mouth!

9) iMessiah—Feeling more in touch with your iPhone than with your lord and savior? Just download the iphone version of the Old and New Testaments! Warning: the names, “The Lord” and “Jesus” have been replaced with “Steve Jobs,” as in, “And Steve Jobs saw that it was good!”

10) iBreathe—Don’t let all these apps take your breath away! Just download the iBreathe application to allow yourself to take oxygen into your lungs and magically release carbon dioxide out into the air! Only from iPhone!