Lucinda Gabardine, 36, of Bensalem, has, like most women on Halloween, decided to get in touch with her more primal urges regarding her costume.

“I like to get a little naughty this time of year,” she chuckled to Vondrook reporters. “It’s the one night of year when I can really act out of character.”

It’s true. Lucinda, who works as a sexy nurse at Temple University Children’s Hospital, will be d

sexy nurse/housewife
(Above) Lucinda as a nurse by day, Housewife on Halloween

Veronica’s husband, Terry, is always delighted when October comes around. “God, she always looks so sexy in her Halloween costume,” he remarked to reporters. “We’re supposed to be going to a party that night, but we might have to stay in,” he said as he grinned. “She gets her hair all greasy, dark bags under her eyes, her tits look anchored to the floor…it’s it’s just…” Terry ended his train of thought as a thud was heard underneath the table. Donning an outfit not normally worn by people in her profession: a housewife costume.