You didn’t think she would go there, but she went there  

Story by Furious Kelly | Vondrook Contributor

Alaska – Sarah Palin held a press conference yesterday to criticize herself over a reprimand she gave her son Trig Palin. She felt that her words “were insensitive, close minded, and unfair to her son’s condition” and has demanded that she apologize for her remarks.  

The ex-governor of Alaska then responded to her own demands by holding a separate press conference to apologize to the many millions of Americans who are mentally handicapped saying, “My outburst after Trig had rubbed chocolate cake into the carpet was completely unwelcome. I should have known better, he sure didn’t.”  

The Governor then welcomed a group of mentally handicapped over to her house to join Trig in rubbing cake into all her carpets . Most agree that this was a courageous move on her part. Sarah Palin then commended herself on her quick response but warned that any repeat offense would be met with swift and sharp condemnation. Palin said she understood and made a promise to herself that she would be more mindful of her tone when scolding her son. The former governor accepted her own apology on behalf of her son and declared it a victory for mentally handicapped everywhere. 

Sarah Palin berating the shit out of son Trig