Vondrook takes a look at the Top Ten Honest Road Traffic Signs

Imagine these phrases on the above traffic sign

10. Approximate arrival time:  ∞

9.   7,158 bottles of beer on the wall, 7,158 bottles of beer…

8. Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you had plans.

7. Unfortunately, you’re going to be sober by the time you get to your mother’s house.

6.  You better start drawing straws to see who gets eaten first.

5.  If everyone could honk their horns at the same time, we’ll start moving again.

4. Yes, you’re right;  masturbation does kill time quite well.

3.  Please blast that Ludacris cd again, it’ll help.

2.  I can’t “shoulder” any more of you guys! nyuk nyuk!!