Michael Biehn, the veteran actor of romantic comedies, is happy to take a change of venue and star in an action movie role. Due to release in August of next year, Michael Biehn will star in the lead role of Lieutenant McBludgeon in the movie, Killing Wolves of the Destined Firestorm, directed by Michael Bay.
     “God, it’s about fucking time,” said Biehn of the role. “I’ve always wanted to do action movies, but ever since The Terminator, I’ve been typecast as this effeminate male character; constantly listening to a woman’s grief, and being all understanding and shit.”

(Above) Biehn comforts Linda Hamilton's waitress character in 1984's The Terminator

     It’s true. Biehn has been playing sensitive male roles since Cameron’s The Terminator where he played Kyle Reese,  the love interest of a young waitress played by Linda Hamilton. Another notable role by Beihn was when he played Sigourney Weaver’s love interest in the movie Aliens. Biehn doesn’t necessarily hate the roles he’s played, but he just needed a change, he says.
     Spoof-Movie director Michael Bay is looking forward to working with Biehn. “I think it’s a good fit,” he says of the veteran actor. “I think we both need to get a little out of our comfort zones. I  made all sorts of comedies dealing with current trends. I mocked the disaster movie-era with Armageddon, and I made fun of the resurgence of Transformers by making the Transformers completely unrecognizable and racially stereotyped. I think maybe I should try to make an actual action movie this time, and I think teaming up with Biehn is the way to do it.”