The pharmaceutical giant, Merck & Co., has just released a fun new shape of Vicodin in the form of your favorite “Flintstones” characters.

“It’s an exciting day,” said Merck spokesman, Jonathan Sanders, “We are the second largest pharmaceutical manufacturer on the planet, and we think this idea will sky-rocket us to the top.”

30 milligrams strong...and growing.

It’s true. For years, Merck and other drug manufacturers have been having a hard time breaking into a more friendly market.

“People immediately associate us with pain or addiction,” continued Sanders, who has been with the company for 6 years after a long career as spokesman for Philip Morris. “Our products are about helping people relax, not to get them hooked on drugs. We’re putting a happy face on our product.”

It’s a brilliant public relations maneuver that will hopefully paint a happier picture for the pharmaceutical goliath. “No longer will our product, Vicodin, be a faceless pill associated with those anti-drug ads where kids are overdosing. No, we’re better than that. You won’t see any anti-drug advertisements where kids are overdosing on Flintstones; It’s just not gonna happen.”

Even before the new fun-face of Vicodin hits the pharmacies, Merck is so confident in their strategy, they are looking to bring back even more enchanting marketing characters such as Spuds Mckenzie for Oxycontin (another pain medication), and Joe Camel to represent Yaz (a birth control supplement.)