Todd Reckamp, of Ambler, spent his entire Saturday morning and afternoon drinking beer while brewing beer.
Reckamp, 26, has been brewing his own beer for 4 years now, and it has become his favorite hobby. “It’s just an awesome thing to do,” said Todd. “Oh, and please call me Tater-Todd,” he added. “It’s the coolest nickname I have ever heard.”
Tater-Todd enjoys mixing the flavors and barley/hop ratio, but it is nothing to be taken lightly. “It’s an art,” he told us. “For instance, I have to plan in advance what beer I am going to be tasting while I brew my batch for the 2nd week after that.”
Confused? Tater-Todd explains. “Ok: if I am going to be making a pilsner on the 28th, I have to make a beer on the 14th that will accomodate the flavor, most likely a stout; it’s the perfect beer to drink while brewing a pilsner. Ironically though, a pilsner is not a good beer to drink while brewing a stout. It’s confusing, and takes a lot of practice to get it right.”
Practice is right! Tater-Todd has been unable to make any weekend plans with friends due to his hectic brewing schedule. “Somebody suggested that I have my friends over to share in the brewing process, but I think they would just drink the beer to get drunk, and not appreciate the flavor that it brings to the pallet while stirring the bags of barley for the next batch.”