After what can only be described as a delightfully moist winter, one meteorologist in the Philadelphia area stands out as what should be a local favorite among absent-minded criticisms and ignorant catcalls for more accurate forecasts.kathy2

Orr has been the Chief Meteorologist for the CBS News Team for 11 years now and has a degree from Syracuse University, proving that she has the drive and the intelligence to withstand your self-interested complaints about the unpredictable nature of the weather. And when bad weather is worse than predicted or misses us completely, think of turning to CBS and looking into Kathy’s sweet eyes and saying, “The storm missed us, huh? Boy I sure am glad I punched out an elderly old man for a quart of milk yesterday, Kath!”kathy3

Who else is going to listen to your stupidity? Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz from NBC? Trust me, Glenn doesn’t have a single ounce of hotness or sincerity when it comes to predicting the weather. Plus, I am pretty sure he gave himself that nickname. And you can’t trust a man (let alone a meteorologist!) who gives himself his own nickname. Oh, Christ, he wears a bowtie too. That’s like, his gimmick. And he certainly won’t be understanding of your problem with the milk and the unwarranted assault and your bruised knuckles. No, he won’t, not like Kathy will.glennschwartz

So when you’re huddled inside for the umpteenth time, unable to go outside because of a slower moving Jetstream that leaks out bad weather like a goddamn sieve, turn to Kathy Orr and the CBS news team, who have the wherewithal, the experience, the education, and most importantly, the hotness to tolerate your most ignorant and uninformed opinions about things you don’t know about.kathy orr cover