Furious Kelly – Vondrook Contributor

 New York NY- It wasn’t long into Arthur K. Reynolds’ marriage that he knew things were getting a little rough. But it wasn’t money, his job, or even the kids that were the problem. It was his wife. Why was she the problem? She was getting in the way of his internet addiction. The average internet addict needs anywhere between 12-15 hours of internet time a day to remain on top of all the blogs, Youtube videos, and facebook/twitter accounts, not to mention the pornography. But Arthur’s wife was demanding that he spend less than 3 hours on the internet to instead do “family things.”

After 6 years, she finally gave Arthur an ultimatum: his family or the internet. Arthur made his choice and hasn’t looked back since. “It’s great. I can keep up with my kids through their facebook and twitter feeds. Anytime I want to talk, we can chat over Skype and I even got a little web cam set up. Things can’t get better than this. I feel closer to them than when we were living in the same house.”

“Mommy told us old daddy died a long time ago but internet daddy says she’s a liar,” remembers little Alberta Reynolds.

The former Mrs. Reynolds has since remarried and has had several children with that relationship. She has kept this from Arthur by simply not updating her MySpace account. Arthur still believes that his marriage is fine. “I’m never lonely. There are literally billions of friends out there to talk to, and they’re like a family to me. And I have my real family out there, too. So I’ve created a super family. I’m like the luckiest guy.”   

 Inside his small one-room apartment filled with empty Chinese food containers and grease laden pizza boxes, Arthur sits at his desk. His morbid obesity engulfed in the glow of his Gateway model laptop. To most this would be a sad sight of a man who’s lost everything. To Arthur, it’s simply not the case. “I’m the king of my own world here. I’m a terrific husband and a wonderful father of three. How can you deny that? I’m also leading a forum for other men with internet addictions to help them achieve what I have achieved. It saved my family. It could save yours, too.”