An Editorial By: Paul Felk, Curious Motorist                   

Excuse me, sir? Sir? Could you roll down your window? I have a question. Thanks. Is that a- I said, is that—turn down your music please. The Nickelback! Could you turn it doooowwwn? Thank you. I was just wondering if—well, I wouldn’t call my Geo Metro “faggy,” it does get me to where I’m going, even if I can’t see over traffic. No, I can’t say I have ever been off-roading, since we live in the city and all. Can you just answer my– yeah, your rims certainly do kick ass, now can you tell me if–no, I don’t have any Mountain Dew, sorry. Now, I saw your numerous bumper stickers that say, “HUMMER” and “H3,” oh look, there’s another one across your windshield, too. Neat. Yes, big and red, just like a fire truck. Vroom! Vroom! Hahahahahaha. So then, you are in fact–please stop revving. So, you’re vehicle is a–wait! Come back!! *cough cough*