WASHINGTON- General Motors CEO Mary T. Barra faced an onslaught of questions on Capitol Hill Tuesday in regards to her company’s faulty ignition switch that resulted in the deaths of over a dozen of its customers.

Barra offered her deepest sympathies to the families who fell victim to her company’s mishandling of the ignition switch, and said she was willing to take 77% of the blame. “In a country where woman make 77 cents on the dollar to that of a man for the same job,” Barra said, “I will gladly take 77 percent of the blame for this irresponsible behavior.”

Barra, who has only had her position as the Chief Executive Officer of General Motors since mid-January, was more than ready to face congress and know her limits as a woman in the male workforce. “If this had happened with Ford or BMW, you bet those guys would take full responsibility. But then again, they also make a shit ton more money than me.”

Barra is hoping that the remaining 23 percent of the responsibility will be taken by the General Motors Board of Directors. “So long as none of them are Latina Women,” said Barra. “Otherwise we’ll have to dig even deeper.”


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