Tulsa, OK– Local business owner and founder of Hasty Furniture, David Hastings, 52, has admitted that despite his success as a businessman and entrepreneur, he still does have some hang-ups from when he first started out.

“Every once in a while,” admitted Hastings, “I like to really chew someone out.”

Above: Hastings, about to get to work
Above: Hastings, about to get to work

It’s true. Despite his humble beginnings and current position at the top of the food chain in his furniture assembly business, David still likes to handle the screaming meant for managers and supervisors alike.

“I know I should delegate the yelling to my floor manager, Gary, or any number of team supervisors,” Hastings confided to us, “but sometimes I can’t help but come on down to the floor and really lay into someone who I didn’t even know existed until 15 seconds ago.”

Hastings has reportedly threatened to ruin the lives of about 2 workers every week. “It’s a bad habit,” he admitted, “like biting your nails. I know I should be worried about the bigger aspects of the business now that we are expanding rapidly, but I suppose I just like to get my hands dirty.”

A chair-assembly worker who preferred to remain anonymous has said, “People have quit just out of fear of being screamed at by that guy. Those who don’t quit wonder when they will be fired and if they will be able to feed their family next week.”

“Hey, I’m a perfectionist,” Hastings said while putting on his hardhat, ready to stalk the floor. “If anything is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.”

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