Since Bruce Jenner’s reemergence as Caitlyn Jenner in June, Caitlyn is proving in a very short period of time that she is not your typical transgender former Olympic athlete. In just two months, Caitlyn has been on the cover of Vanity Fair, she has her own reality television show called, I am Cait, and has won an ESPY award.

Obviously, Caitlyn Jenner isn’t your Granddaddy’s transgender former Olympic athlete. Of all the Olympians who won the gold medal in the Men’s Decathlon in 1976, Caitlyn is the first to have her scrotal tissue peeled, stretched, and fashioned into a labia majora.

“Not many men who won the gold medal in 1976 have gone this route,” said Olympic historian Terrance Sajak. “There have been plenty of transgender Olympic athletes, too many to count, really, but not too many have won the gold in the Men’s 1976 Decathlon.”

Even though Caitlin is not the first person with an inverted penis to have a reality television show on E! (see: your Granddaddy’s typical transgender Olympian), but she is the first woman to have: 1) her testicles lopped off and tossed into a medical waste bag 2) a newly fashioned clitoris made from the glans of the penis and 3) graced the cover of a Wheaties box.

In the industry, that is known as the “Tranny Trifecta.”

It may seem that her cultural appeal may be too overpowering for people who haven’t had their tracheas shaved down like a sweaty block of cheese, as the ratings for her reality show have not been as great as expected. This could be a sign that our culture is no longer shocked by such transgender former Olympic athletes or that we have reached a point of apathetic tolerance to others rather than forced, politically-correct embracement. But most likely it is because Caitlin may not have had enough penile skin for the vaginoplasty and had to graft skin from her hips or even take a chunk out of her colon in order to make a vagina fit for an Olympian who won the Men’s 1976 Decathlon.


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