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The online dating site PlentyofFish.com (www.pof.com) has shown that in all of its memberships, the most common body types range from ‘Curvy’ to ‘Morbidly Curvy’ and all body types in between.

 “It’s interesting to see such a heavy concentration of members going to one end of the scale,” said David Daniels, a market researcher for Hotspex. “And yes, all of those puns were intended.”

The options for ‘Thin,’ ‘Athletic,’ ‘Healthy,’ and ‘Simply Not Fat’ have a scant amount of members claiming to be such. Although it is true that the ‘Curvy’ body type is designated to women, it does not exclude the weight issue on the male side of membership, who have other options to describe their hefty size.

“I did not have the option of choosing ‘Morbidly Curvy’,” said Greg Jeffries, 38, of Jupiter, Florida, whose body type is categorized as, ‘Sluggish.’ “I was hoping for something a little more flattering, but I really didn’t feel like doing anything about it.”

Between the two options of ‘Curvy’ and ‘Morbidly Curvy’ are a wide berth of body types such as, ‘Fleshy,’ ‘Roly-Poly,’ and ‘Where’s My Cake,’ to name a few.

“Personally, if I had a membership and could weigh in here,” said Daniels, who tips the scale at nearly 265, “I would have chosen ‘Copious Amounts of Skin’ as my body type.”


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